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    2020-09-14 15:23




    原句:While they were playing tennis, she started an argument that lasted all morning.

    修改后:During tennis she started an argument that lasted all morning.

    原句:When you come to the second traffic light, turn right.

    修改后:At the second traffic light turn left.

    小升初英语写作技巧之二:删除诸如who is或that is之类的关系代词,变从句为短语,例:

    句:The novel, which is written in three parts, told a story that took place in the Middle Ages.

    修改后:The three-part novel told a story set in the Middle Ages.

    注:把句中的three parts改用形容词来表达,节省了四个不必要的单词which is written in。我们经常可以将关系代词如that去掉,这只会引起最少的.变动。


    Two joint partners will present their views over a long-distance telephone call. 写完这样的句子后,你自己再读一遍,挑出单词joint和telephone,注意删去不必要的词。

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