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    初中作文600-找春天作文|找春天 英语作文

    2020-09-20 14:20
    公园里的湖水被温暖的阳光照射着,发出闪闪的亮光。湖岸上的柳树吐出了嫩芽;顽强的小草从地下探出了头来高中作文,五颜六色的花儿展开了那美丽的花瓣;可爱的小鸟们初中作文600,在树头上唱着动人的歌曲。我被这美丽的景色深深的吸引着,情不自禁的说:春天你来了初中作文600,真美呀!The lake in the park is shining with warm sunshine. Willows on the lakeshore are sprouting; tenacious Grass is sticking out of the ground, and colorful flowers are spreading out the beautiful petals; lovely birds are singing moving songs on the tree head. I was deeply attracted by the beautiful scenery. I couldn\t help saying: spring is coming, it\s so beautiful!
    飞向太空作文 小学升初中作文 初中作文600
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