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    小学同步作文-帮助别人,自己快乐作文|帮助别人,自己快乐 英语作文

    2020-09-25 19:10
    星期六上午,我上完英语课,妈妈来接我,我们走到步行街小学同步作文,看见位老爷爷跪在地上乞讨,没有一个人愿意帮他,我对妈妈说:您看那位老爷爷多可怜高中作文,我能不能帮助他?”妈妈说:可以”。我拿出妈妈给我的零花钱给了那位老爷爷。他感激地说:谢谢你小朋友”。我高兴的说:不用谢”。回到家妈妈夸我是一个有爱心的孩子,就奖励我一大块西瓜。On Saturday morning, after my English class, my mother came to pick me up. We went to the pedestrian street and saw an old grandfather kneeling on the ground begging. No one wanted to help him. I said to my mother, "look how poor that old grandfather is. Can I help him?" Mom said, "yes.". I took out the pocket money my mother gave me and gave it to the grandfather. He said gratefully, "thank you, kid.". I said happily, "no thanks.". When my mother came home and praised me as a loving child, she rewarded me with a large watermelon.今天我非常的高兴小学同步作文,因为帮助别人,自己会得到更多的快乐!Today I am very happy, because help others, oneself can get more happiness!
    洗碗作文 有关秋天的作文 小学同步作文
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