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    孝顺的作文-美丽的风车作文|美丽的风车 英语作文

    2020-09-26 19:10
    天老师带来了一个风车,它是五光十色的,同学们看了这个美丽的风车,都很像要一个。Today, the teacher brought a windmill, it is colorful, the students saw this beautiful windmill, are very similar to want one.没想到,老师说,今天就教我们做小风车呢,我们高兴的手舞足蹈,个个都像试试怎么做这个风车。老师给我们准备了一些彩纸、剪刀、吸管、订书机。大家看着这些材料都着急了孝顺的作文,心里想,要怎么做呢?老师看出了大家的着急,于是马上就告诉我们要怎么做好一个风车了。听了老师详细的介绍,我们就开始动手了。Unexpectedly, the teacher said, today we are going to be taught how to make small windmills. We are dancing happily. Everyone is like trying to make this windmill. The teacher prepared some colored paper, scissors, straw and stapler for us. Looking at these materials, everyone was worried, thinking, what should we do? The teacher saw that everyone was in a hurry, so he immediately told us how to make a windmill. After listening to the teacher\s detailed introduction, we began to work.我先把纸折成四个三角形,再拿剪刀准备把风叶剪出来,不能剪太多也不能剪太少哦,要剪到刚好比二分之一多一点点的位置,可是我正怎么也找不到剪刀呢,原来三把剪刀都在女同学那边,我静静地等孝顺的作文,等啊等的孝顺的作文,我觉得时间都快过了一年了,剪刀才轮到我这里。拿到剪刀,我沿着折痕剪。然后在把四个脚折在中心点用订书机钉住。再从中间穿一个洞,把吸管插进去。这样,一个风车就做好了。我可高兴了。I first fold the paper into four triangles, and then take the scissors to cut out the wind leaves. I can\t cut too much or too little. I have to cut it to a little bit more than one-half. But I can\t find the scissors. The original three scissors are all at the female students\ side. I wait quietly. I think it\s almost a year before the scissors turn to me 。 Get the scissors. I\ll cut along the crease. Then the four feet are folded in the center and nailed with stapler. Put another hole in the middle and insert the straw in. In this way, a windmill is ready. I\m so happy.同学们都做好了风车,我们在比哪个转的快,最后我们乱成一团,也补知道谁赢谁输了。于是我们约好了改日再一决高下。Students have done a good job windmill, we are faster than which turn, and finally we mess up, also make up to know who wins and who loses. So we made an appointment for another day.小风车不但好玩,还很漂亮分类作文,我喜欢我的风车!Small windmill is not only fun, but also beautiful. I like my windmill!
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