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    中招作文-小树,我想对你说作文|小树,我想对你说 英语作文

    2020-09-27 19:10
    植树的时中招作文,When planting trees,你美化了环境。You beautify the environment.你真棒!How good are you!小树中招作文,我想对你说:Little tree, I want to say to you:夏天的时候,In summer,你给我们带来了树荫。You have brought us shade.你真乖!You are so good!小树,我想对你说:Little tree, I want to say to you:沙尘暴来的时候,When the sandstorm comes,你给我们挡住了风沙。You\ve stopped the wind and sand for us.你真勇敢!How brave you are!小树初中作文,我想对你说:Little tree, I want to say to you:希望你能快快长成大树,I hope you can grow into a big tree soon,和我一起成长中招作文,Grow up with me,你真了不起!You are awesom
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