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    话题作文怎么写-春天到了作文|春天到了 英语作文

    2020-10-05 19:10
    春天到了话题作文怎么写,春天的风暖暖的、柔柔的,吹到我们的脸上。啊!好舒服!Spring is coming. The wind in spring is warm and soft, blowing on our faces. Ah! So comfortable!小草从地下探出头来,笑眯眯地说:春天到了!春天到了!”The grass came out of the ground and said with a smile, "spring is here! It\s spring! "桃花笑红了脸,高兴地说:春天来了!春天来了!”Peach blossom blushed with a smile and said happily, "spring is coming! Spring is coming! "油菜花黄了话题作文怎么写,阵阵清香飘来,吸引得蝴蝶翩翩起舞。Rape flowers yellow, bursts of fragrance come, attract butterflies dancing.春天到了,天蓝了,水清了,鱼儿欢了话题作文怎么写,鸟儿唱起歌了。春天真像一幅美丽的图画!Spring is coming, the sky is blue, the water is clear, the fish are happy and the birds are singing. Spring is like a beautiful picture!
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