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    高中英语作文模板-找春天作文|找春天 英语作文

    2020-10-11 19:10
    星期天,我和我的小伙伴们来到花园里找春天。我们看见柳树的枝上长出了绿叶小学作文高中英语作文模板,好像在梳理它那碧绿色的头发。我们看见粉红色的杏花正在散发它的香高中英语作文模板,迎春花在微风中飘荡。我们看见了美丽的蝴蝶,好像在向人们炫耀它身上的那些五彩缤纷的颜色。我们看见小鸟正在欢快地唱着它那动听的歌曲。On Sunday, my friends and I went to the garden to look for spring. We saw green leaves growing on the branches of the willow, as if combing its Turquoise hair. We can see the pink apricot is sending out its fragrance, and the jasmine is floating in the breeze. We saw the beautiful butterfly, as if to show off its colorful colors to people. We saw the bird singing its beautiful song happily.啊!春天真美!我爱春天!Ah! What a beautiful spring! I love spring!
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