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    写秋的作文-快乐的“五一”节作文|快乐的“五一”节 英语作文

    2020-10-14 19:10
    今天是五一节,妈妈带我去东营的天鹅湖玩。Today is may day. My mother took me to play in Swan Lake in Dongying.我们到了天鹅湖写秋的作文,一下车,我第一眼看见的就是蓝蓝的大海,海上映出了太阳,金光闪闪的美丽极了!我还看见了天鹅,天鹅的羽毛白白的,头上还有一个小红帽。海里有许多鱼儿写秋的作文,一只鸬鹚正忙着捉鱼吃呢。When we got to Swan Lake, the first thing I saw was the blue sea. The sea reflected the sun. It was so beautiful! I also saw the swan. Its feathers were white, and there was a little red hat on its head. There are many fish in the sea. A cormorant is busy catching fish.海面上有好几艘船写秋的作文,我们上了船,船是用木头做的,上面涂上了黄色、绿色、红色的漆,看上去很美!船靠岸了,我们下了船。我们看见了五颜六色的贝壳,我还捡回来好几个呢!There are several boats on the sea. We got on the boat. It\s made of wood. It\s painted yellow, green and red. It looks beautiful! The ship docked and we got off. We saw the colorful shells, and I still picked up several!天鹅展翅高飞了,我们也要回家了。不过分类作文,今天我玩得好开心啊!The swan is flying high, and we are going home. But I had a good time today!
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