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    初中英语作文-快乐的“五一”节作文|快乐的“五一”节 英语作文

    2020-10-14 19:10
    今天我和爸爸到北京去玩儿,路途可真远啊!早晨四点从家中出发初中英语作文,中午才到北京。Today, my father and I are going to Beijing for fun. It\s a long way! Starting from home at four in the morning, I arrived in Beijing at noon.我们首先来到了北京的著名景点——长城,站在长城上往下一看,各种景色尽收眼底高中作文,山啊初中英语作文,树啊都是那么美丽!我发现长城上面有许多小孔,我问爸爸:这是干什么用的?”First of all, we came to the famous scenic spot of Beijing - the Great Wall. Standing on the great wall and looking down, we have a panoramic view of all kinds of scenery. Mountains and trees are so beautiful! I found many small holes in the wall. I asked my father, "what\s this for?"爸爸告诉我说:古代不像现在科技这样发达,没有飞机、导弹,只有弓箭、大刀、长矛,这些小孔是用来射箭的。”我又问爸爸:这是什么朝代修建的?”爸爸回答说:这时秦朝建造的。”我知道秦朝的帝王是秦始皇,是他逼迫劳动人民建造了长城。我还知道初中英语作文,长城能保存到现在已经经过了好多次修建了。My father told me: "in ancient times, unlike today\s technology, there were no planes or missiles, only bows and arrows, broadswords and spears. These holes were used for archery." I asked my father, "what Dynasty was this built?" The father replied, "it was built in the Qin Dynasty." I know that the first emperor of Qin Dynasty forced the working people to build the Great Wall. I also know that the Great Wall has been built many times.我们要去的第二个景点就是天安门,天安门红墙黄瓦,非常庄严。城楼上有毛主席的画像,对面有一张大大的孙中山的头像。The second scenic spot we are going to is Tian\anmen Gate. The red walls and yellow tiles of Tian\anmen Gate are very solemn. There is a picture of Chairman Mao on the tower, and a big picture of Sun Yat-sen on the opposite side.北京真美呀,我喜欢北京!Beijing is so beautiful. I like Beijing!
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